About Us

We are The Dance Lab Academy!  


At The Dance Lab Academy, we offer children Ballroom and Latin dance classes and private lessons. 
Whether your child is a complete beginner or already has some dance experience we are here to help them achieving their full dance potential and keeping dancing enjoyable! 
Before you book on for a class or lesson with us, we offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation where one of our teachers will give your child a short lesson, as well as give you a tour of the studio and explain the different options we have available, so you can then decide which is the best option for your child.


To book your child in for a consultation please click HERE!

The Dance Lab Academy Kids Group Class


 To give you a visual of what competing is like if you are new to it, this video below is the final round of the European Championship for Under 10 held in Blackpool in 2019.