Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions are important to us! We don't expect you to know everything about ballroom dancing, especially if you're only beginning to explore the idea of getting started. Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if you have specific questions about our studio or dancing in general!

Why Ballroom Dancing?

Ballroom dancing has always been popular, and programmes like Strictly Come Dancing has raised its profile even further. However, rather than jumping on the bandwagon, there are numerous reasons why taking up ballroom dancing is a good thing!

Do I need a partner?

No, you do not need a partner! In fact, as a beginner you will benefit from dancing with a variety of people. Classes rotate partners very often. That said, if you do want to dance exculsively with a partner, that's fine too!

Do I need private lessons?

Private lessons are recommended for dancers of all levels who are serious about improving their dancing and want the most value for money. Group classes are a great way to start and are more than adequate for the social dancer and those at the early stages of competing.

What should I wear?

For lessons, comfortable and informal clothing is recommended. Ladies often wear light dresses that are easy to move in and gentlemen will often wear trousers and a shirt. It's entirely up to you - as long as it allows freedom of movement it will be fine!

For our balls and socials you will want to dress to impress!

Do I need dance shoes?

At first no, but you will need shoes with some "give" so that they don't stick to the floor. Rubberised trainers are out! Shoes should fit securely - so no flipflops or backless sandals.

Once you know you want to continue dancing then we recommend you buy some dance shoes. Our teachers can advise on makes and styles that will be appropriate.