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Kiran SP, Male, London, United Kingdom

About Me: Hi there! :) I've done a variety of dancing over the last couple of years (Mainly Salsa & Bachata and a little Kizomba, Ballroom and Latin) however have specialized in Argentine Tango in the last 2 years. I currently attend 2-3 classes/workshops per week, at least 1 Milonga each weekend and 1-2 private lessons per week. I strongly believe in dance chemistry and most of the time that boils down to the attitude one has towards life - optimism, determination, and humor. Here is a link from a group Argentine Tango performance I was part of a year ago: I am the first leader out. I am very much interested in competing in the UK/Europe Tango Championships, with the hopes of making it to the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires eventually. My Preference: It doesn't matter what dance background you have or what level in Argentine Tango you are. It is even fine if you are a complete beginner! As long as you're ambitious and keen on training hard and frequently in Argentine Tango, that really would be an amazing start! A strong dance partnership is one that is constantly evolving and this is only possible if both partners have a strong attitude and discipline towards dance with a great sense of joy and fun. Above all both parties should be open to constructive criticism as part of personal and dance development! Therefore, if my profile catches you, please drop a message and let's have a tanda! ;)

21st Jan, 19 | Level: Intermediate | Style: | Age: 30

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