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Here at The Dance Lab, we believe you can either see things as a limitation, or seize them as an opportunity and we have opted for the latter, bringing The Dance Lab to you at Home! We are offering online classes and private lessons so that you can keep dancing in the comfort of your own home whether you’re a Beginner, Social dancer or competitor. During this time of isolation, it can be difficult to stay inspired and motivated but we are here to help with our many online class options!

Online Special Guest Teacher

We are excited to be able to host a series of virtual classes with some amazing world class guest teachers! Find out more…

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How it works

  1. Live streaming of the class will be carried out via Zoom. This is free of charge for the customer and can be either accessed by downloading zoom or using zoom on your browser.
  2. Following your booking and payment of the class, you will receive an email with the link allowing you to join the class. Please click to your link from 5 minutes prior the time of the start of the class.

Using Zoom

You have the choice to either activate your video, in which chase your teacher and other participants will be able to see you. Alternatively, you have the choice to deactivate the video, in which case you will be able to view the teacher and other participants who have their video activated. 

If you have your audio activated, then you will be able to converse with the host/teacher, however the teacher has the function of being able to mute all participants at any time during the class. You also have the option of deactivating your audio though, if you feel that you want to sing away or not have any outside disturbance heard during the class. 


We recommend wearing comfortable clothes as you would if you were attending the class at the studio. 

Floor surface

Where possible it would be best on a smooth surface such as a wooden, laminate or tiled floor, but it is also possible on carpet as well.


If you have a smooth surfaced flooring, we suggest you could wear your dancing shoes or what you would normally wear to class.  If you are on carpet then we suggest you to do it in socks or bare foot.