Competitor kid's Classes

Welcome to The Dance Lab Kids Academy 

If you haven't seen who is behind The Dance Lab, here is a little more information for you to know. We are all dancers and we have all started dancing when we were children in the different countries we all come from… (Italy, Australia, Romania and England) We have started for fun and with time it has become our career and then our profession! We have achieved our goals and we are now looking to use our knowledge to inspire the next generation and to see them grow within their career, shall they choose to have one! There isn't anything more rewarding for a teacher than seeing your student reach their dreams! To give you a visual of what competing is like if you are new to it, this video below is the final round of the European Championship for Under 10 held in Blackpool in 2019. 

Who is this class for and how can my kids join it? 

This Class is for a selective group of Kids only. To join this group class you are required to have a free assessment from our main coach Laura Fox. This is a free consultation if you are new to the studio. To book your consultation please send an email to 

If you have already had your consultation, then you can proceed to book your class with the link below. 



Competitor's Kids Class

Mondays 5.30-6.15pm

£10 per person
The class will be focussed on the children practising and perfecting their own personalised routines, as well as performance skills, technique and fitness which are all needed to dance in a competition!