Social Dance Course

The Dance Lab Social Dance Course 

What is Social Dance Course? 

This course is ideal for people who already have experience in ballroom and latin dances, and are interested in gaining more confidence in their social dancing skills. In this class, you will learn leading and following skills as well as learning how to improvise using different combinations of steps.

This 4-week Social Dance Course consists of 4 one-hour sessions. It is structured into 40 minutes of teaching, and 20 minutes of guided social practice. 


Is this course suitable for me?  

The aim of this course is to build up your confidence as both a leader and a follower so that you can fully immerse yourself in the social dance experience and also learn to have a conversation at the same time! 


Social Dance Course

Mondays 9:00pm-10:00pm

£60 pp per course
  • January 9th - 30th - Waltz & Jive/ Quickstep & Cha cha 
  • February 6th - 27th - Foxtrot & Samba/ Tango & Rumba 
  • March 6th - 27th - Waltz & Jive/ Quickstep & Cha cha