Beginners, Novice, Improvers Live in Studio

Beginners, Novice and Improvers Courses at our Putney Venue 


Numbers in the class are back to our full capacity but we are expecting high demand and with that the class is most probably going to be full. You are required to make a booking online prior your visit to the studio, in this way you will avoid disappointment and we will store your details in case of an outbreak of Covid-19 in our studio. 

Find more info about our Courses below


Putney Venue- Beginners 4-week Experience Package

Mondays 7:00pm-8:00pm

£60 per person per course
Our Putney Venue Beginners 4-week Experience Package consists of four 1 hour classes every Monday and one free ticket for TDL Social Night. These classes are for anyone who has very little or no experience of dancing before. Classes are made extremely easy to follow with no pressure to get it right straight away. You do not need a partner for the class.


  • August 1st - 22nd - Quickstep and Cha cha 
  • September 5th - 26th - Foxtrot and Samba 
  • October 3rd - 24th - Tango and Rumba 
  • October 31st - November 21st - Waltz and Jive
  • November 28th - December 19th - Quickstep and Cha cha 

Novice Course

Mondays 8:00pm-9:00pm

£60 per person per course

Our Novice Class is for people who have joined our Beginners Course previously for the 2 dances being taught and are ready to learn some new, exciting and more challenging choreography.


  • August 1st - 22nd - Waltz and Jive
  • September 5th - 26th - Quickstep and Cha cha 
  • October 3rd - 24th - Foxtrot and Samba
  • October 31st - November 21st - Tango and Rumba 
  • November 28th - December 19th - Waltz and Jive

Improvers Ballroom

Mondays 9:00pm-10:00pm

£60 per person per course

Our Improvers Class is for people who have learnt the fundamentals of the dance in a Novice Class and are now ready to step it up with added technical details and challenging choreography. The Improvers Class focuses on one dance per course.


  • August 1st - 22nd - Quickstep