Beginners, Novice, Improvers Live in Studio

Reservations to our Beginners, Novice and Improvers Course are now open… Don't miss out! 

Following the government guidelines we are excited to announce that our Courses will restart from Monday 7th of June! 


This will be on Step 2 of our Roadmap, meaning socially distanced rules still apply including reduced capacity. The spaces are first come first served base so plan ahead and reserve your space today! 

As the date could change in accordance with the government, to make it easier for you, you can reserve your place now and pay later when we can confirm the class will go ahead.

So, plan ahead, look forward to what is to come! Find more info about our Courses below


Studio Beginners Course

Mondays 7:00pm

£50 per person per course
Our Beginners course consists of four 1 hour classes every Monday. This classes are for anyone who has very little or no experience of dancing before. These classes are made extremely easy to follow with no pressure to get it right straight away. You do not need a partner for the class.

Monday's Dances (7pm - 8pm):

  • June 7th - 28th - Tango and Rumba
  • July 5th - 26th - Waltz and Jive 
  • August 2nd - 23rd - Quickstep and Cha cha
  • September 6th - 27th - Foxtrot and Samba
  • October 4th - 25th - Tango and Rumba
  • November 1st - 22nd - Waltz and jive
  • November 29th - December 20th - Quickstep and Cha cha

Studio Novice Course

Mondays 8:15pm

£50 per person per course

Our Novice Class is for people who have joined our Beginners Course previously for the 2 dances being taught and are ready to learn some new, exciting and more challenging choreography.

 Dances (8:15pm - 9:15pm):

  • June 7th - 26th  - Foxtrot and Samba
  • July 5th - 26th - Tango and Rumba
  • August 2nd - 23rd - Waltz and Jive
  • September 6th - 27th - Quickstep and cha cha
  • October 4th - 25th - Foxtrot and Samba
  • November 1st - 22nd - Tango and Rumba
  • November 29th - December 20th - Waltz and Jive
  • ...

    Studio Improvers Course

    Mondays 9:30pm

    £55 per person per course

    Our Improvers Class is for people who have learnt the fundamentals of the dance in a Novice Class and are now ready to step it up with added technical details and challenging choreography. The Improvers Class focuses on one dance per course.

     Dances (9:30pm - 10:30pm)

    • June 7th - 28th - Tango 
    • July 5th - 26th - Rumba
    • August 2nd - 23rd - Waltz 
    • September 6th - 27th - Samba
    • October 4th - 25th - Quickstep 
    • November 1st - 22nd - Cha cha
    • November 29th - December 20th - Viennese Waltz 

    Studio 3 week Refresher Course

    Monday 17th May - 31st May 8pm - 9:30pm

    £55 per person

    This Course is designed for those who already have a basic understanding of dancing, atleast up to Novice level, to give you the opportunity to refresh your skills and retrain yourselves on how to dance on a normal size floor and if you have one, dance with a partner again too. This class will be run from 8pm - 9:30pm and we will spend 45 minutes on a Ballroom dance and 45 minutes on a Latin dance and we will alternate each week what the dances will be. The Schedule we have planned will be as follows:


    Monday evenings 8pm - 9:30pm

    May 17th: Waltz and Jive

    May 24th: Tango and Rumba

    May 31st: Quickstep and Cha cha