Ballroom and Latin Masterclass

The Dance Lab Ballroom and Latin Masterclass

The Dance Lab’s Masterclass series are sessions set to inspire, motivate and educate you across a broad range of areas in Ballroom and Latin American dancing. Each Masterclass will cover a subject bound to stimulate your dancing brain and demand your body to move out of its comfort zone. These unique classes will take place twice monthly, once in Ballroom and once in Latin, and will be taught by our highly skilled, world-class teachers.

Ballroom Masterclass DatesLatin Masterclass Dates
October 2nd (Rolls Royce Foxtrot)October 23rd (Lighting Cha cha)
November 20th November 6th 
December 11th December 4th 

Latin Masterclass - Lighting Cha cha

Sunday, 23rd October 10:30am-11:30am

£15 per person


Ballroom Masterclass - Rolls Royce Foxtrot

Sunday, 2nd October 10:30am-11:30am

£15 per person
Rolls Royce Foxtrot
Does your idea of a great foxtrot and your current foxtrot not quite match up? Do you want your foxtrot to step up a class to a more seamless, effortless-looking movement? 

Natasha is going to walk, or glide, you through a few essential mechanics in this Masterclass, equipping you with various tools for a new and improved smoother foxtrot. Our only request is that you arrive with a mind and body ready to change. We are happy for you to show us your rusty or non-functional spare parts, and we promise to do everything in our power to refurbish them!