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SA, Male, North London and Central London

Hi there, I'm looking for a female partner between 22 to 30, to learn and compete at a novice level (and hopefully higher as we get better). I am 5'8, I currently attend classes and practise in west/central London on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I'm returning to dance after a few years break. I previously competed at intermediate level at university but I want to start at novice and work up. If you're interested in partnering and competing, it would be great to hear from you!

17th Oct, 17 | Level: Novice | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 30

SC, Male, London

Hello there! I am looking for a female between 24 to 32 years of age, preferably between 5'4 and 5'9 tall for competitions. Whether you have a lot or little experience with dance and competing, all that matters to me is commitment, dedication and passion for dance. I believe that if we both work hard as a team and support each other we will improve together quickly and have a lot of fun too. I have some excellent world-class coaches, and am happy to share coaches with you. As for me, I live in London and I want to compete in U35 pre-champ and possibly some ex university competitions in Latin American (and if time permits, ballroom). I am 5.11 without shoes and have 7 years’ experience of dancing Latin and ballroom on both open and university dance circuits. I’ve made a number of finals and also won a few competitions including at Blackpool. If you are interested, please get in touch! I’d love to hear from you!

21st Sep, 17 | Level: Pre-Champ | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 33

Robert Usher-Somers, Male, Leatherhead, Surrey

I am 5"7", slim, with ISTD gold in latin and gold star 1 in ballroom, but I am now concentrating on technique. I attend the Thursday ballroom technique class in Putney but would like to share this with a regular partner to reap the full benefit. My name is Robert and my mobile number is 07714489964.

28th Jul, 17 | Level: Intermediate | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 65

LN, Female, London

I am looking for a male partner in London (preferably aged 25-45) to do shows with occasionally and potentially compete depending on how well training goes! I am 5.7 ft (170cm) with a slim physique. My timing is flexible and I can practice 3-4 times/week. I have approximately 10 years of dance experience (on and off), with mainly a focus on Latin but can re-pick up ballroom. I also have some ballet and contemporary background. I have participated in many Latin dance performances but am not too experienced in competitions.

19th Jun, 17 | Level: Intermediate | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 33

Kate, Female, Kingston

Hi, I'm currently taking lessons in and around Kingston. I'm 5'8" without heels and looking for a partner to attend classes with on a Monday and Friday. I also take private lessons and compete in the ISTD medalist competitions in the solo events. I have qualified for the Blackpool finals this year - I was also a finalist last year. I'd be interested in competing as a couple or just dancing for fun at class and social evenings. Whilst I've only danced Latin and Ballroom for a year, I have a strong dance background and I'm proving to be a quick learner with 1st place qualifications at the ISTD regional comps.

1st May, 17 | Level: Intermediate | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 31

Kobus Engelbrecht, Male, Wimbledon

A girl who is keen to learn to dance just for the joy of it! Be willing to go to lessons a couple of times a week and clubs etc. to practice. Am a complete beginner, but am keen and will quickly pick up. Don't mind what type of dancing it is, but would like to do Latin dances and say ballroom. Looking for like minded person.

1st Apr, 17 | Level: Beginner | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 41

Teresa Hardy, Female, Surrey/London

Looking for a new partner to resume practice and competing on the open circuit in either Latin or Ballroom or 10 dance. I am currently competing on the ISTD medallist circuit and was a Blackpool finalist in both Latin and Ballroom in 2016 but am keen to return to the open circuit with the right partner. I am 55, 5'5" (wos), slim and am ISTD trained up to Awards level. I have danced most of my life (also ballet trained) and am fully committed whilst having fun both in practice and competition. Based in Surrey/|London. Happy to teacher share and travel for the right partner.

25th Jan, 17 | Level: Pre-Champ | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 55

Steve Brough, Male, Ruislip Middx

Hi I am looking for a lady to dance ballroom Latin and jive. Little rusty on latin I dance jive around three times a week. Ballroom not bad. I would like to improve by practice and don't mind a lesson. Happy to go to tea and evening dances. Contact me if you are interested, any age lady is OK athletic build is desirable for dance. I am 5' 10" slim build 12St 3lbs. I enjoy walking, music, theatre, gym.

13th Jan, 17 | Level: Intermediate | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 66

Jane Waldegrave, Female, S E London

Utterly fed up of dancing male lead! Husband not in least bit interested and actively encourages me to find a dance partner! Youthful, smiley and have been dancing intermittently for 12 years. Happy with Latin or Ballroom / Happy to travel / Happy to dance

4th Jan, 17 | Level: Intermediate | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 57

Pat, Female, Sutton, London

I am 175 cm wos and I am looking for a tall gentleman 180cm or more to compete with in the open circuit. I currently take private lessons in both ballroom and Latin but prefer ballroom. I am currently taking part in the ISTD medalist competition at gold level. I have been dancing for 6 years now and would like to find a partner who is willing to practice at least 2 days per week and share private lessons. I am willing to attend social evenings although competing is my objective. I am serious about dancing but I also want to enjoy my progressive journey and have fun along the way. If you are serious about improving your dancing and having fun while doing so then please get in touch.

8th Dec, 16 | Level: Intermediate | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 50

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