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Paul, Male, London

Hi, I'm Paul, I dance Ballroom and Latin in London and I'm looking for a ballroom practice partner. I'm 33 years old, 179cm tall, and currently ISTD Silver level in Ballroom. I would like to find a Ballroom practice partner to share private lessons and, potentially, to compete. I take lessons near Baker Street and in Putney. If you're interested in practising together, send me an email: paul (dot) richard (dot) iliffe (at mark) hotmail (dot) com

17th Jun, 18 | Level: Intermediate | Style: Ballroom Only | Age: 33

Jackie, Female, canterbury

Looking for male dancer (latin only) to prepare for amateur competition either WDC or WDSF. I am 153cm without shoes, slim built and dance for 10 years in latin mainly in private class. Text me at if you wanna interested in trial out.

21st May, 18 | Level: Pre-Champ | Style: Latin Only | Age: 3

London Dancer, Male, London

Hi there. I’m looking for a female Latin partner who is interested in training and competing on a regular basis. My aim is for us to move into and compete at U35 Amateur/ Professional Latin American. I am a dedicated dancer with 8 years competitive experience in Ballroom and Latin American with many successes. I’m 180cms / 5.11 ft tall WOS, based in west London, take lessons with an excellent world class coach and happy to share coaches. I train at least 3 days a week, love dancing and looking for someone like minded to further develop and be successful on the amateur/ professional circuit. Please get in touch with me:

3rd May, 18 | Level: Pre-Champ | Style: Latin Only | Age: 33

Stephie, Female, London

Looking for a senior dancer (men) aged between 40 and 50 to train 3-4 times a week and compete nationally, possibly internationally. Ability: dance coaches sharing, travelling within Greater London. I can dance any programme: Latin, Ballroom or both. Do not hesitate to contact me, whichever level you are: beginner, intermediate, advanced - let's develop and enjoy dancing together!

13th Feb, 18 | Level: Pre-Champ | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 40

Sherv, Male, London

I am an experienced and committed competitive dancer, 5.11 without heels. I am seeking a female dance partner who is passionate about dance and wants to compete on the UK open circuit (prechamp / amateur). I am based in London, and would want my partner to be in London as it makes it easier to practice. Willing to share coaches and ready to dance!

8th Feb, 18 | Level: Pre-Champ | Style: Latin Only | Age: 32

Aleksandr, Male, Russia

Hello! My name is Alexander, I’m 29 years old, doing sports dances for 20 years. I live in Russia, I plan to move abroad, train adults and children, I have not been professionally dancing for 3 years. I’m looking for a job and looking for a partner for joint coaching or teaching latin and a standard.

25th Jan, 18 | Level: Professional | Style: Ballroom Only | Age: 29

Serena, Female, Morden

I am 5ft 8, slim. Have over 10 years dance experience in ballet, but only 2 years experience of ballroom and latin. I competed at beginner and novice level whilst at university. Looking for partner (over 5 ft 8) for practice, social dancing and maybe to compete at novice level. I'm easy going and easy to get along with. I love to dance and work hard at my technique.

24th Dec, 17 | Level: Novice | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 22

Ignacio, Male, London

Hi there, I am looking for a partner to compete/ move into amateur Latin. I am 5.11 without shoes and have 8 years’ experience of dancing Latin and ballroom on both open and university dance circuits. I also have made a number of finals (e.g. amateur ballroom) and won competitions (ex-student advanced) inc. at Blackpool (intermediate). I am looking for a female between 24 to 32 years of age that wants to move and compete in amateur Latin. What matters most to me is commitment, dedication and passion for dance. I believe that if we both work hard as a team and support each other we will improve quickly and enjoy our partnership together. I have some excellent world-class coaches, and am happy to share coaches.

6th Nov, 17 | Level: Amateur | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 32

Amanda Velazquez Lopez, Female, London Hammersmith

Hello, My name is Amanda and I am an italian dancer, I dance ballet,contemporary,hip hp and cuban salsa, but I d like to start latin day and maybe compete one day. I'm looking for a male who wants to compete with me, let me know if ypu are interested

25th Oct, 17 | Level: Beginner | Style: Latin Only | Age: 20

SA, Male, North London and Central London

Hi there, I'm looking for a female partner between 22 to 30, to learn and compete at a novice level (and hopefully higher as we get better). I am 5'8, I currently attend classes and practise in west/central London on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I'm returning to dance after a few years break. I previously competed at intermediate level at university but I want to start at novice and work up. If you're interested in partnering and competing, it would be great to hear from you!

17th Oct, 17 | Level: Novice | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 30

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