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Mattia, Male, London

Hi, my name is Mattia, I'm 25 yo and I'm 1,75 cm (more or less). I've been dancing latin for competitions and shows for 20 years and the last class I was dancing was the A/1. Working 5 days a week I'm looking for a partner who wants to enjoy practicing few days a week and maybe shows but I'm not looking for competitions. (

17th Sep, 15 | Level: Amateur | Style: Latin Only | Age: 25

leah, Female, south east london

I am looking for an intermediate dancer who would like to dance with me and possibly compete with me. I am a beginner but a very fast learner. I am interested in someone who would teach me moves and help me to improve as a dancer. I currently dance at a small beginners class for 4 hours per week and already I am itching to learn more and compete. I am a natural dancer and am in need of a dance partner. I am 5"6 and 26 years old.

4th Sep, 15 | Level: Beginner | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 26

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