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Beginners Course: 19:00 - 20:00


Our Beginners Course here at The Dance Lab is a 4 week course run every Monday night from 7pm - 8pm where we focus on one Ballroom dance and one Latin dance a month, learning some of the basics in a very social environment. Our Beginners course is made specially for people who have got very little to zero experience in dancing so if you have done now dancing prior to this course, you have nothing to worry about! As everyone else in the course is in the same position as well, it creates a lovely social atmosphere full of fun and laughter.


Price: £50 per person 


Here are the dances we will be covering each month in the course (Dance combinations will change starting August):


January 8th - 29th Tango & Jive 
February 5th - 26th  Foxtrot & Samba
March 5th - 26th  Quickstep & Rumba 
April 9th - 30th Waltz & Cha Cha
May 7th - 28th No classes
June 4th - 25th  Tango & Jive
July  Break 
August 6th - 27th  Quickstep & Cha cha 
September 3rd - 24th  Waltz & Jive
October 1st - 22nd  Tango & Samba 
November 5th - 26th  Foxtrot & Rumba
December  Break
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Novice Course: 20:00 - 21:00


Our Novice Course (Like the Beginners Course) is a 4 week course aimed at those who have already completed the two dances in the previous months Beginners Course who would like to add more choreography onto what they have already learnt and start to look at some of the technical aspects of the dances as well. This is also a great course for those who have completed 1 or 2 years worth of dancing before who want to refresh the memory and go back to basics without the class being too elementary. Once again, this course has a lovely social atmosphere to it and is a great stepping stone to learning how to dance with grace and style or a nice way to add to your dance repertoire.


Price: £50 per person


The dances we will be covering in this course will be as follows (Dance combinations change starting August):


January 8th - 29th  Waltz & Cha Cha 
February 5th - 26th  Tango & Jive 
March 5th - 26th  Foxtrot & Samba 
April 9th - 30th  Quickstep & Rumba 
May 7th - 28th No Classes 
June 4th - 25th Waltz and Cha cha
July Break
August 6th - 27th  Foxtrot & Rumba
September 3rd - 24th Quickstep & Cha cha
October 1st - 29th Waltz & Jive
November 5th - 26th  Tango and Samba
December Break

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Improvers Course: 21:00 - 22:00 


The improvers course (formally the Intermediate Course) is now a course you can move onto straight after the Novice. This now a nice transition from learning just basic steps to learning how to dance them properly. Once again, a very social and un atmosphere but with a little more information given out in class to ensure your dancing goes to the next level.


Price: £55 per person


The dances covered in this course will be as follows:


January 8th - 29th  Quickstep
February 5th - 26th  Cha cha
March 5th - 26th  Foxtrot
April 9th - 30th  Rumba
May 7th - 28th  No classes
June 4th - 25th Tango
July  Break
August 6th - 27th  Samba
September 3rd - 24th Waltz
October 1st - 22nd Jive 
November 5th - 26th Quickstep
December Break


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Competitor’s Guided Ballroom Practice: 20:30 - 22:00


This is a practice session for Ballroom competitors only and for those who are in partnerships and want to be treated as if they were a competitors. This practice session covers all 5 Ballroom dances within the hour and a half and is treated like a normal practice session with the added bonus of having the expertise of Stefano and Natasha Soldati there to assist you with any questions or problems you might be having in your dancing. This session is £8 per person and does not need be booked in advanced. The guidance is optional, but you will be expected to pay the normal price.


Price: £8 per person


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Technical Classes: 19:00 - 21:00 (Ballroom 19:00 - 20:00 / Latin 20:00 - 21:00) 


This class is recommended for people who consider themselves as being at an intermediate level and has a good understanding on most of the dancing syllabus. This is also a great class to do if you are finding the novice level too easy and you would like to be pushed to higher level of dancing as well but we would expect some private lessons had been done. Natasha and Stefano Soldati are the Ballroom teachers for the Ballroom Section and then we move onto Brian Dibnah for the Latin Section. The Classes are £15 for or £20 to do both and its a drop in fee so there are no commitments and no need to book in advanced either. 


Price £15 for one class OR £20 for both classes


Ballroom and Latin Technique BOTH


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Ballroom Technique ONLY


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Latin Technique ONLY

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We have a fabulous Salsa evening every Friday night from 7:30pm till late for for all levels from Beginners to Advanced. Entry is only £8 at the door, starting with a class and then social salsa dancing for the rest of the evening.




The Dance Lab Monthly Social: 

(Class: 19:00 - 20:30 / Social 20:30 - 23:30) 



As is mentioned above, we run a social evening here at The Dance Lab every third Saturday of the month beginning with a class for 1 1/2 hours and then social dancing for the next 3 hours. 


Price: For BOTH Class and Social £20 per person

           For Class or Social ONLY £12 


BOTH Class and Social Evening


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Class 19:00 - 20:30


The class is split into 2 sections, Beginners and intermediate level students and then we do 45 minutes on the selected Ballroom Dance and then 45 minutes on the selected Latin Dance (Listed Below).


January  No Social 
February 17th Foxtrot & Samba
March 24th Quickstep & Rumba
April 21st Waltz & Cha Cha 
May  No Social
June 23rd Tango & Jive
July 21st Summer Ball 
August  No Social 
September 15th Waltz and Jive
October 27th  Tango & Samba
November  No Social 
December 15th  Christmas Ball


Class ONLY


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Social Evening 20:30 - 23:30


The Social Dancing here is for all levels whether you have only just started or have been dancing for years! Its a great way to meet new people and step out of your comfort zone and dance with someone completely new


Social Evening ONLY


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Competitors Practice: 17:30 - 20:30 (Ballroom 17:30 - 19:00 / Latin 19:00 - 20:30)


The competitors practice is a practice session very much like the Guided Practice that we run on a Tuesday but without the guidance. This session is £10 per person for both or £6 per person for one style or the other.


BOTH Ballroom and Latin Practice


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Ballroom Practice ONLY


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Latin Practice ONLY


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As a treat, we run 2 hour workshops here at The Dance Lab for those who wish to take their dancing to the next level. We will anounce closer to the time of the workshop who the teacher will be, when the workshop will be, what the subject is and what level of dancing is required prior to siging up for the workshop. 



Subject Date    Time     Teacher  Style  Level
'Contrast and Opposition' 21/01/2018 10:00 - 12:00 Brian  Latin  Novice - Intermediate 


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